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Built for Small Business
Centralized Communications Management.

Communications designed for your business.

Designed with small businesses in mind, Cbeyond offers flexible services and fully-loaded packages that meet your needs. Explore our packages that integrate high-speed T-1 internet access, local and long distance voice service, toll-free numbers, mobile and more delivering all your communication needs on a single bill.

A Better Communication ValueCbeyond gives you high-speed T-1 Internet access and local and long distance phone service - often for less than what you are paying for your phone services today. Our affordable service packages offer all the communications tools you need, from audio and web conferencing and vociemail to email, Web-hosting, Mobile voice & email, VPN and more.

1. Faster Internet Speed

Cbeyond uses stable, proven T-1 access for a high-quality, high-speed Internet connection both upstream and downstream. Other broadband services, such as DSL, aren't available or claim similar performance, but upload speeds are usually slower than download speeds.

2. Affordable Pricing

We'll give you the communication services you need in one easy to understand package - all on one bill. And whenever you have a question about any of your communication services, you'll be able to go on CbeyondOnline anytime or call one number to get an answer.

3. Mobile Services

Add mobile lines to your business quickly and easily and choose from a variety of handset and service options. You can use your long-distance minutes for mobile and never have to worry about ridiculous overage charges again. You pay only 6 cents per minute, whether it is long-distance, mobile or toll-free. Mobile email and data service options are also available.

4. No Hassles

Switching to Cbeyond is painless. You keep your current phone, fax and toll-free numbers, so there's no confusion for your customers. And we'll guide you through installation quickly so you can start enjoying the benefits of Cbeyond service, often within 30 days of your orde

5. Cbeyond Secure Backup

Protect your business and stay productive. Increase security and productivity by storing a copy of your critical electronic files securely away from unexpected disaster. Cbeyond Secure Backup & Fileshare also allows you to access and share those files anytime, anywhere with our simple online management tool.


6. Cbeyond BeyondOffice

BeyondOffice includes local phone service, long-distance calling minutes, voicemail, email and more. You don't even have to change your phone number. With BeyondOffice, you get all the benefits of Cbeyond service and you get it at home.

7. Mobile Workforce Manager

As a business owner, you're constantly looking for ways to streamline processes, improve efficiency and increase productivity. Cbeyond's Mobile Workforce Manager will improve your company's productivity and reduce the costs of your field-based operations. Easily track and record the locations, hours worked, jobs performed by your mobile employees - and more! Cbeyond's Mobile Workforce Manager is the perfect solution for tracking and managing employees in field services, construction, transportation & distribution, government, healthcare and more. Every industry that has a field or mobile component to their operations can see immediate return on investment and productivity gains by deploying Cbeyond's Mobile Workforce Manager.